• Electrical Piezometer is used to determine the ground water pressure or water level. The electrical sensor built in it is a piezoresistive based transducer which converts the change in water pressure into electrical current which can be monitored using a portable readout unit. Different types exist for various applications with a wide range pressure measurement and they are all built in our factory.

  • Water level meter is used to determine the level of ground water in boreholes and wells.  This consists of a wheel of cable to the desired length and a probe in which buzzes when touches the water.  The cable is graded in meters and a potentiometer is built in the wheel to adjust the sensitivity for different fluids.   The system is fully water proofed and it operates with ordinary 9 volt batteries which can be easily replaced from the front panel of the instrument.  The wheel has a holder on it for the probe to rest on it during transportation.

  • Weir or V-Notch is a simple system by which the leakage volume of a dam is measured.  This device is an important part of a monitoring system at dams, which is manufactured in different sizes and forms.  The device is composed of a non-ferrous metal (Aluminum or stainless steel) which is manufactured and calibrated so that the height of the passing water is associated with a volume of water.

We manufacture these heavy pieces in our factory and calibrate them with accurate pumps.