• Borehole Extensometer is used to measure internal movements of soil and rock masses. They are installed in boreholes drilled in rock masses and filled with cement annulus. Extensometers are manufactured in a variety of types in our factory each one designed for a particular application.

  • Convergence Meter is a portable device to measure convergence and deformation of tunnels and other underground openings.  The device measures the relative distance between reference points (anchors) fixed to the periphery of the excavation.

  • Joint meters are typically used for monitoring movement in discontinuities.  These have wide range of application in civil, mining and geotechnical projects. Joint meters are manufactured in many shapes, types and ranges of displacement in PZ factory.  They can be either manual read or electrical type for automatic reading.

  • Settlement Cells are typically used for monitoring settlement below embankments on soft ground. This can be come by either underground excavations or dewatering.

  • Gap device is an electrical device which is meant to measure the gap between two structures.  This is usually used in tunnels with swelling potential which is lined by concrete lining.  If the lining is attached to the rock, the swelling pressure might damage the structure so in these cases the concrete lining is detached from the rock surface by leaving a gap in between.  To measure the actual location of the rock behind the lining, this gap device can be used.