Automatic data acquisition systems, as the name implies, are products and/or processes used to collect Information to record or analyze some phenomenon. In the simplest form, logging the pressure of an earth pressure cell is done bya dataacquisition system in a dam life time. As technology has progressed, this type of process has been simplified and made more accurate, versatile, and reliable through electronic equipment. Equipment ranges from simple recorders to sophisticated computer systems.  Data acquisition products serve as a focal point in a system, tying together a wide variety of products, such as sensors that indicate temperature, flow, level, or pressure.

A readout box which reads the data by connecting it to the instrument's cable.  The reading can be performed from far and safe locations by having long cables. With the readout box you can read many instruments one by one.  This makes the monitoring an un-expensive solution.

Payabzamzam has based its data acquisition system on RS485 industrial standard and has developed a hardware and software system which enables:

  • Long distances send/receive capability without any requirements for amplifying the voltages.

  • Capability to see the data received from the sensors in an online base.  This means that any data that is collected by the DAS is written into a data base file format and concurrently this can be seen by the user from the main office using internet line connection.

  • Reading the data from all of the sensors can be done by wireless internet system.  In this case, the user can go into a cavern, a tunnel or in an open area and collect the data from all of the sensors without having access to the sensors.

  • Collecting data without interferences of any noises in the system.  This is made possible by the obtained RS485 system which is based on differential voltage readout rather than absolute one.  In another words, if a noise affects the line of data, it would equally affects the base line, therefore the differential reading system automatically eliminates the noise effect.