Provision and Execution of automatic formworks, such as Climbing formwork (to construct bridge Pylons), Segmental Bridges formworks, and all kinds of Bridge Builders, such as MSS (Movable Scaffolding System), BL (Beam Launcher), PCFS-FSM (Precast Full Launcher) and LG (Launching Gantry Crane)

About LG:

Launching Gantry is a mobile crane capable of being assembled and being used for lifting, transporting and placing precast segments between piers or columns in precast segmental box girder bridges or double-deck highways. Pre-casting deck segments helps constructors to build bridges easily and fast. LG is capable of building horizontal and vertical arches and transvers gradient in cross section of a bridge deck. LG consists of two separate self-supporting structures, each of which has a unique support that features advanced lifting equipment.

LG can be used to construct bridges using both balanced cantilever and full span methods. These capabilities cause some differences in the crane structures.